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Sell your real estate property using the perks of 3D walkthrough

Photos and videos are not enough to convince many real estate buyers today. They want walkthrough visits to see a property as a whole. The problem is, not all buyers can schedule a visit to properties they consider. That’s when 3D walkthrough comes in the picture.

Many real estate agents use 3D technology to present a property to the market. 3D models allow users to view property on different angles. This lets users check what’s inside and around a realistic model as if they’re doing an actual walkthrough in a property. Thus, buyers don’t have to schedule a visit to see a property as a whole.

How 3D walkthrough help sell a real estate property today

Having a hard time selling your property? Take advantage of 3D virtual tours for these features:

Appealing and realistic design

3D visualisation helps in creating a perfect 3D copy of your property. Then, 3D rendering process would polish the model for walkthrough presentation. 3D rendering involves controlling different elements, such as lights, shadows, texture and colours of objects. As a result, you’ll get a fabulous 3D model that perfectly depicts the actual property.

Interactive Features

3D walkthrough heavily relies on the interaction of the 3D model and its user. For example, a buyer wants to see your entire house property. They only have to control the view as if they’re driving the camera of the screen through their computer or smartphones.

The user can open the main door of the 3D model and walk inside. Then, they can check the living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom among other parts. Moreover, it’s possible to zoom in specific spots which they want to observe closely.

Availability of information

Buyers would want to know specific details of your property. For instance, they want to know the materials that make up the flooring. Possibly, they are curious about the brand and models of fixtures, lightbulbs and taps among other items they see.

Fortunately, 3D real estate tours also provide such feature. Users only need to click certain items which contain descriptions for them to read. Some descriptions also come with links for users to check on the web.

Exterior and location view

Aside from presenting property interior, 3D rendering also allows 3D flythrough and external view. For example, it allows buyers to check the curb appeal of your property. It also shows them the neighbourhood and geographical features of your property’s location. Thus, buyers can decide if the property fits their needs, preferences and lifestyle or not.

Convenient viewing

3D technology also allows buyers to do a walkthrough without setting a schedule for a visit. You only need to bring a flash drive or CD which contain the file. And it’s ready for the buyers to view—on the spot. That makes 3D rendering perfect for buyers who are busy for work, or those who are too far from the property.

3D walkthrough is outstanding. No wonder why it has changed and improved the market today since it efficiently presents any property in the best way.

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