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Benefits of Sensory Toys for Children with Special Needs

Have you ever heard of sensory toys before? You probably have heard this from occupational therapists and psychologists. These are objects that can help children with challenging behaviours and sensory issues.



sensory toys




Typically, these toys can help kids with autism, sensory processing disorder, and attention deficit hyperactive disorder calm down. Children with such conditions do experience an overwhelming feeling of sensitivity towards stimuli from the environment. This means that lights, sounds, and sights can easily trigger temper tantrums and other uncontrollable behaviours.


However, with the proper tools and expert help, you can help your child build new cognitive and motor skills, as well as, enjoy a tolerable environment.




Sensory toys come in different shapes and sizes. They can be as tiny as sensory steppers and mats or as grand as a robot dog. The main purpose of these is to provide a child with enough sensory stimuli that can help calm their nerves.


However, before you buy one, make sure that your child’s therapist has pointed out which triggers your child’s behaviour. In this way, you can become involved with the therapy. You can opt for fun and education toys as long as these are suitable for your child’s condition.




Chewing non-food items, nail-biting, and thumb-sucking are just some of the behaviours that you could control with Australian sensory toys. It may be easy to disregard fidgeting and meltdowns as a behaviour that your child will grow out of eventually. However, children with ADHD, SPD, and Autism may have a hard time getting rid of these bad behaviours. That is why therapists may recommend that you get hand fidgets, chew pendants, and other fidget toys to limit such behaviour.




It is also typical for a child with ADHD to lose focus and concentration, especially when at school. This may affect your child’s performance and learning ability. To encourage attention and reduce hyperactivity, the sensory toys in Australia can keep your child at ease whenever there is a slight movement or sound from his or her surroundings. Since kids with ADHD do have an inability to process visual-sensory information, tools like reflective balls can help with improving visual sense in a fun and wacky way.




Children with sensory needs may have a strong desire to eat even without being hungry. Furthermore, they can have problems with their oral health, as they may chew random objects. So in order to prevent your child from suffering obesity and dental issues, it is best that you ask his or her therapist for recommended sensory toys. These will surely resolve the aforementioned issues in the long run.


Sensory disabilities can impact a child’s mental, mobility, and sensory functions. Therefore, it is important that you provide extra care and patience for your child. However, you are not alone with such predicament. There are people who can help you obtain resources and tools that can help your child gain new skills and independence.


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